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The ACE Program

What Does ACE Stand For?


Academic Skills


Confident Expression


Exploiting Time and Technology

Achieve an MBA in 5-8 Hours Per Week

Our Proprietary Teaching Methodology

Minerva Elite Performance is not the only provider of the Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Management as the first year of two comprising the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Pathway. Nor are we alone in offering courses of particular interest to the corporate world but also the UK’s armed forces who are serving, transitioning or veteran communities

Minerva Elite Performance are unique in having highly qualified lecturers design a proprietary model to enable genuinely easy transition to Level 7 study by any student.

Minerva Elite Performance have developed a programme that transfers key study skills, confidence and writing tips at speed. This will enable any of our learners to ACE their learning journey – whether they have experience of higher education or not. Our ACE programme focuses on three core areas which other learning providers simply cannot match. Indeed, they don’t even bother. The ACE programme underpins our teaching methodology which states that with just 5-8 hours of study per week is adequate.

Unique to Minerva Elite Performance Virtual Tutor Support!

No other provider offers this – we have a dedicated staff tutor who is available to respond to learner requirements for review of drafts or assisting with planning your assignment. Our tutor is available 9-5 Monday to Friday, via email, telephone or video conferencing. Our online tutor supports your efforts and make sure your learning not only stays on track but exceeds your target.

MEP provides the UK’s finest learning and development experience.


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