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Why Bespoke Education & Training?

MEP is a client centric organisation. We aim to listen, consult, and support organisations with their education and training needs. At times, this may extend to creating or adapting an education provision that meets the unique requirements of our client and their sector.

How Does Our Bespoke Education & Training Work?

From client consultation, our team of education experts can work with an organisation to establish the key areas of training needed. We can create or adapt provision to address need within industry and support the wider workforce / client base.

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Tailoring existing provision

MEP can tailor qualification delivery models to account for an existing or emerging need within a particular sector. This can be applied to multiple provisions within MEP’s curriculum offer. Examples of these being the ability to use subject specialists within Conflict Management and First Aid training to create scenarios and situations that best reflect the operational needs of the client/sector, or using sector specific examples, terminology and content within our teacher education programmes. Our will and determination to make our education and training as impactful and meaningful to our clients are key aspects of our ethos and strategic plan. We are an employer / sector driven organisation that does not expect our clients to settle for pre-packaged provision.

Creating Provision for our Client Needs

MEP also have the expertise within its workforce to create education and training experiences specifically to address needs for our client. This process includes the value and best practice that is associated to regulated existing qualifications with clear aims, learning objectives and assessment assurances embedded. Our staff have worked within OFSTED regulated environments, and our dedication to creating outstanding and unique training provisions comes with a level of quality that can be subjected to the highest scrutiny with regards to its structure and implementation. MEP work with multiple awarding bodies and can have bespoke education and training provisions regulated and accredited by one of our partner bodies. This is a unique opportunity that not all training providers have the expertise to create and deliver.

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Examples of Success

In 2022, MEP worked alongside our partners at Berwicks Consultants to develop and accredit an outstanding training provision to meet the needs of the National Health Service. This process has led to SFJ Awards regulating the qualification through the custom certification pathway, giving our clients that deeper level of assurance and accountability.

“True education is not about the organisation; it is a learner centric process. Education must be purposeful, impactful and provide clear opportunities for the learner to improve their knowledge, skills, and personal outcomes. We at MEP share these values, they are written into our ethos and the daily operation in all that we do!”

– Craig Smith, Head of Education and Quality Assurance

Safe Searching Training

This programme has been created to support education providers by training designated staff members in their conduct and processes for searching students and learners safely, effectively, and lawfully in line with UK legislation for prohibited items in an educational setting. The programme aims to create a positive culture of confidence in screening and searching learners for prohibited items.

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