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Higher Education Study: Two Key Factors for Success

“Studying higher education level courses is difficult”.

“I cannot study and educate myself if I haven’t got the right background”.

“I haven’t studied at university level, have no A-levels and dropped out of school early”.

All of these are reasons we have heard from people during our careers teaching in higher education. Reasons for avoiding studying higher education, taking on a positive challenge and applying for studies at postgraduate level. From experience, we can say that these reasons are unfounded. Academic study, of any level, doesn’t have to be difficult. Many students the Minerva Elite Performance team have worked with didn’t have any academic background. Two years later, they have successfully completed their studies and reached their goal. We have been working closely with our students to break down those barriers and instil trust and confidence in their abilities. Our passion is bringing out your potential.

Previous Experience

For achieving your education degree, it doesn’t matter whether you have ever studied at university level. Or even whether you have completed your A-levels or whether you dropped out of school early. When deciding to start the path towards a degree, what matters most, is the right attitude and willingness to learn. Study at academic levels should not be restricted or limited. We always encourage our students to find the right educational provider, willing to support you along the way and lead them towards successful completion. These are the 2 key factors for success:

  • Your willingness to learn and take on a positive challenge
  • The education provider’s ability to deliver content that is easily accessible and inclusive if you are from a diverse background and have varying abilities.

Is Studying Higher Education Hard?

Some people may think that the more complex and difficult the subject matter, the more prestigious the degree. However, that is not our perspective. Being able to deliver so-called “complex” subjects in an easy manner is what makes studying higher education so worthwhile and rewarding. It will ultimately enhance your study quality and your knowledge. The higher education level is of course a challenge, but it is achievable. Look for an education provider, College, University or Training Institution that takes you and your learning journey seriously.

Feedback: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Positive feedback is as important as constructive feedback, focusing on any aspects that can be made better. It is important to ensure that the feedback is clear and actionable. What good does complex terminology bring if you cannot understand the feedback? How can you identify what it is you have to do, in order to achieve a better mark? This ethos is applied to everything that we do. We always strive to optimise and improve the courses that we offer. Whether it is new technology for teaching, optimising the content of the course, or providing better resources to students.

Our Approach

At MEP our focus is always centred on our students. We strongly believe learning is for everyone, and we ensure we deliver educational content in an easy-to-understand way. Everyone learns best in their own way, which we accommodate across every course. Regardless of your background, you can achieve an MBA in just two years’ time. With the right material, learning environment, research and support system, we guide you along the way. Ultimately, your success is our goal.

MEP provides the UK’s finest learning and development experience.


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