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EDSML Terms & Conditions

On commencement of the course, the student agrees to follow the laid down guidelines in the centre and student handbooks whilst studying with Minerva Elite Performance Ltd.

The student will only submit solely their work and will not attempt any form of plagiarism. The duration of study time is a maximum of 24 months from date of registration. After this point in time, Minerva Elite Performance Ltd have the right to withdraw tutorial & VLE access to the student.

All assignments and personal data submitted by the student, will be erased from Minerva Elite Performance Ltd’s data storage, 6 Months after successful completion of the student’s course (GDPR).

The student agrees to allow Minerva Elite Performance Ltd to use images, quotes & testimonials supplied by the student in its current and future marketing documents and online platforms / social media unless the student declines by indicating on their contract.

The student will provide assignments for submission in line with the submissions programme provided by Minerva Elite Performance Ltd.

The student agrees to inform Minerva Elite Performance Ltd as soon as possible if they are unable to submit on time. Minerva Elite Performance Ltd agrees to answer all emails and provide student feedback on draft and submitted assignments within 7 working days of receipt of the document / email.

Minerva Elite Performance Ltd will provide Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) access with username and password within 7 working days of the completion of the initial Workshop/Online Induction. Minerva Elite Performance Ltd will be responsible for all registration and certification with Pearson and the Learner Registration Service (LRS).

ELCAS credits once processed are non-transferable and non-refundable.

All students are subject to a deposit £799 which is non-refundable (included in the course fees).

Self-Funding Students: If a student requests to terminate within 60 days of the completion of the induction they will receive 50% of the remaining fees once the non-refundable deposit has been deducted from the total course costs. Outside of this period no refunds will be made.

Payment Plan

3 Stage payment option for fully funding students only (Not Available to ELC students)

1st Payment of £933 is required to be paid pre the course start date/online induction – This will allow access to the first 2 modules set by MEP on the VLE.  When both of said modules have been completed, submitted and marked, your 2nd invoice for £933 will be emailed to you for payment before you can gain access to the next 2 modules on the VLE.  The same process applies to the 3rd Payment of £933. Again, this will need to be made before access to the last 2 modules is given to complete your EDSML studies.

If you do not wish to continue your studies for the EDSML no refunds will be issued, and the Extended Diploma will only be awarded upon completion of all 6 modules submitted and marked.

1st Payment: £933 – 2 modules

2nd Payment: £933 – 2 modules

3rd Payment: £933 – 2 modules

Course Completion

While we encourage our students to complete their studies within the 12 month time frame, we understand that sometimes circumstances may prevent that.  The maximum time allowed for course completion is 24 months.  Should a student not have completed in this time frame their studies will be cancelled.


A maximum of 2 re-submissions are permitted for each unit. If a pass is not received after a 2nd resubmission a Pass grade for the diploma will not be attained. This is in line with the Pearson regulations.

Feedback Turnaround Times

Drafts: 5 Working days

Marking: 10 Working days

Student Handbooks

Handbooks will be sent to delegates within 2 weeks of the completion of the online induction.

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